About Us

TAFE College was established in 1988 by the Maju Institute of Educational Development (M.I.E.D), the education arm of Malaysian Indian Congress (M.I.C), with the aim of providing affordable high-quality technical and professional education for Malaysians and foreign students. A multi-million ringgit technical institution, TAFE College is situated on a 10-acre site approximately 60 kilometers south of Kuala Lumpur.

All programmes taught at the college have been meticulously designed to produce self-motivated individuals capable of applying skills and knowledge in a systematic and integrated manner to meet the manpower needs of business and industry.

Graduates of TAFE College will be equipped with the knowledge and skills required to undertake complex duties that require a high degree of responsibility, authority, leadership and integrity. The programmes emphasize the understanding of the fundamental of the latest technology and developing the ability to manage the practical application within the business and professional spheres.

The collage has produced about 40,000 skilled and knowledgeable graduates who are all pursuing successful careers in business and industry.

  • Developing leadership and innovation in educational development and services.

    Promoting standards, which reflect best teaching and management practices.

    Recognition of professionalism for students to meet those standards.

    Demonstrating quality management practices in total administration.

    Constant upgrading and development of programmes provided and seeking local and external affiliation.

  • Strong leadership under the Chairmanship of Yang Bhg Dato' Seri Dr. S. Samy Vellu, trustees and board of directors of MIED.

    Able and dedicated management team under the Chief Executive Officer Tan Sri Dato' G Vadiveloo, assisted by the Principal and Chief Administrator for planning and developing the institution.

    Well-developed sense of mission- since obtaining ISO 9001 certification in 1997, the Mission Statement has guided the college's development.

    A mission that is supportive of and in accordance with the Chairman's vision to improve the standards of Malaysian Indian community;

    Strong staff commitment to the College and its values.

    Added value in student awards outcomes aiming to develop the full potential of those who join the College programmes.

    Well recognized quality assurance arrangements, as models of good assessments.

    Well-developed international links with universities, based around formal agreements on a whole institution basic and not dependent on individual associations.

    Major capital investments in buildings and the beginning of an information investment plan to deliver the Information Strategy.

    Developing links with industries to enhance course content, on job training opportunities and employability of students.

  • Long standing track record since 1972.

    Affordable Education for all Malaysians.

    100% Employable graduates.

    MQA - accredited programmes.

    Excellent Facilities - Laboratories, Workshops, Aircraft Hangar, Lecture Theaters and Auditorium.

    Conducive campus environment and lifestyle.

    Advantage in mastering English language.

    Availability of loans - PTPTN, PTPK, State Governments Loans, MARA, NLFCS, KKP, MIED PERKESO, and Bank Rakyat.

    Syllabus relevant to industry standards / requirements.

    Internet Resourcing Facility

    24 hour security.

    Accommodation - In-Campus Hostel.

    Approved Toyota Technical Training Center.

    Unique Courses- Aircraft Maintenance Technology, Electro Mechanical Engineering.

How we work

Experiment was extremely valuable to the student as it gives them the opportunity to test out every important experimental projects which will inculcate new idea with a lot of support, evidence and relatively at a lower stakes.

Students are assessed and monitored via their academic performances and this opens a way for any improvement in instruction or learning which in a way helps to evaluate the effectiveness of instruction.

We are responsible regarding the college's ecological effect. Our dispatch covers squander and reusing, vitality, environment and manageability, travel and transport and the college’s characteristic and assembled environment.

The programs are designed specifically to seek a fast track to a career .

Support students with special needs using modified curricula and materials created to accommodate their diverse strengths and developmental needs.