Volvo Trucks To Collaborate With TAFE College

Volvo Trucks (Volvo), which operates under Volvo Malaysia, has announced that it has entered into a collaboration with TAFE College Seremban (TCS) for a student Technical Education Programme (TEP) in a mission to help build a more skilful technical talent pool for Malaysia’s growing commercial vehicle industry. Relevant Listings The collaboration is the first of its kind formed between Volvo and TCS. The Technical Education Programme, which started recently in July 2015, seeks to transfer world-class knowledge to local students, increase talent pool and meet the demands of business and industry.

Under the programme, Volvo will be conducting ‘Train the Trainer’ sessions for TCS’ lecturers, so that they in turn will teach the students about commercial vehicles. Volvo will also conduct lectures on technical and soft skills to prepare the students for the working environment and to increase the number of skilled workers in Malaysia and ultimately, offer internships and employment opportunities for qualified and certified students upon graduation.

“Volvo is highly keen on supporting local talent development for the industry. Our role in this technical education programme is to facilitate this through knowledge transfer and industrial training to develop highly skilled and qualified talents. The need for quality aftermarket service in the automotive industry is increasing, and so is the demand for competent and skilful employees”, said Mats Nilsson, Managing Director of Volvo Malaysia at the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between Volvo and TCS earlier this month.

“We recognize the importance of motivating youths in mechanical engineering careers and we want to drive the next generation towards strengthening the nation through this field. As such, Volvo is glad to present qualified TCS’ students with internships stints and employment opportunities upon graduation, where they will have the prospects to work and gain experience at our 11 dealerships across Malaysia,” added Nilsson.

The collaboration will also see Volvo providing periodic quality assurance assessments on the lecturers to ensure that its global quality standards are delivered through the coursework.

“At TAFE College, we emphasize on a career-focused education right at the foundation and diploma levels and offer skills training programmes to help nurture each of our student to be an adaptable graduate who is able to make a seamless transition into the working world,” said Tan Sri Dato G Vadiveloo, Chief Executive Officer of TAFE College, Seremban.

Tan Sri Dato G Vadiveloo also said that TCS’ programmes were designed to produce self-motivated individuals capable of applying skills and knowledge in a systematic and integrated manner. The support by Volvo Trucks will give the students invaluable opportunities to gain knowledge on par with global standards, thus playing a big role in further motivating them and increasing their marketability, he added.

In addition, TCS is also dedicating a designated Volvo Corner at the college premises – which consists of prototype engines, a sleeper cab, genuine parts, and a Volvo training truck, which will be used to conduct hands-on practical lessons. The students are tasked with the responsibility of setting up and maintaining the section.