The Student Affairs Division is one of the crucial departments in the administration of the College and deals with all matters concerning students. This division deals with student welfare and various aspects of student development.

Student welfare is concerned with accommodation, health, personal and financial problems, food and security. Student development includes the organising of and participating in activities of student clubs, associations, societies and sports and and cultural activities, debating, motivational and other similar activities by the student.

In addition to the above functions, the division also endeavours:

  • to enforce student discipline and ensure that behaviour of students comply with the rules and regulations approved by the College's authorities;
  • to ensure the quality of service meets the needs of students.
 TAFE will shape and mould you not only to be the best professionals in your industry, but to be better citizens of the world.


An important unit under the umbrella of Student Affairs is the Counselling & Advisory Services Unit. Students who are overawed by life on campus may visit our experienced Counsellors who will assist them to cope with the intricacies and complexities of University life. The Counselling & Advisory Services Unit also organises career advancement seminars and services to assist students in their studies and prepare them for opportunities in industry.


The Finance Department assists students in obtaining financial aid for their programmes through a number of organisations. Financial assistance is available from a wide range of organisations providing loans and scholarships such as PERKESO, KWSP, KKP, NLFCS and MIED. School leavers with full SPM certificates with relevant credits are eligible for loans from PTPTN* for MQA approved programmes. All Diploma programmes in TAFE College are approved by MQA (Agensi Kelayakan Malaysia). MARA* loans are also available for eligible Bumiputra students. There is also loan available for Skills Programme under the Perbadanan Tabung Pembangunan Kemahiran. Terms and conditions apply for all loans and scholarships..

* PTPTN, MARA & MIED to be applied online only.